Cooking Light Editor Hunter Lewis shares his seasonal traditions and his passion for eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables.
Credit: Photo: Hector Manuel Sanchez

The greens arrive at the market first, harbingers of spring and the strawberry-reds and rhubarb-pinks to come. Soon enough, green peas, favas, and butter lettuces usher in purple berries and eggplants. Blushing, fragrant yellow peaches and musky melons beckon; in come fire-engine-red peppers and riots of juicy tomatoes. And so forth.

Eat by color. It's a mantra that becomes easier to follow every week as the market tables and supermarket stalls groan heavier with seasonal variety. Thus, we deliver our annual Summer Cookbook. Full of inspiration and recipes to carry you through the season. Eat the rainbow; reap the nutritional benefits.This weekend, I'll head to my local market in search of fat stalks of late-season asparagus and spring onions. I'll wilt them over a charcoal fire and serve them with a smoky, nutty romesco sauce reddened with charred peppers, bound with toasted bread, and emboldened with garlic. It's a simple, colorful segue into summer.

Romesco Sauce

This all-purpose condiment, a riff on the classic Catalonian recipe, goes well with just about anything charred on the grill, from sweet spring onions and fat spears of asparagus to fish, shrimp, steak, and pork chops. Use this recipe as a baseline and change it up however you see fit. You can make it spicy or tangy, smooth or chunky.