Warmer weather always seems to spark a new energy within people. How better to celebrate that positivity than with impromptu gatherings? All you need are a few friends, beautiful weather, green grass, and ... a box of crackers! You could use any cracker you have on hand or normally buy, but we really like 34 Degrees Savory Crisps because they are minimal in calories and super thin yet sturdy enough to hold lots of toppings.

We also love to create seemingly indulgent snacks without sacrificing flavor, and these little crisps are the perfect way to go about entertaining. Each cracker has a different flavor infusion, so we paired them with our favorite toppings inspired by everything from avocado toast to peanut butter and jelly.

Check out our ideas below, and be sure to pin your favorites! What would you like to see as a cracker topper?

34 Degrees Cracked Pepper Crisp with avocado, Aleppo pepper, and sea salt. Garnished with flat-leaf parsley.

34 Degrees Natural Savory Crisp with green apple and cheddar slices.

34 Degrees Sesame Savory Crisp with tahini, banana, and bee pollen. (Honey could be substituted for bee pollen, but give it a try!)

34 Degrees Rosemary Savory Crisp with brie, honey, and blackberry.

34 Degrees Poppyseed Savory Crisp with Greek yogurt, radish, cucumber, and chive.

34 Degrees Whole Grain Savory Cracker with egg salad, quick pickles, and dill.