Relax! It's the weekend. Here's a healthier way to unwind.
Credit: Victor Protasio

A tropical spin on the South American classic, this cocktail uses zingy passion fruit and mango to add brightness to pisco. You might be lucky enough to find passion fruit at your regular supermarket year-round, but it’s more widely available at Asian, Latin, and gourmet supermarkets. The most common variety looks like a purple-brown egg and has sweet-tart flavor.

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These bright and fresh shades won’t leave your lips:

Passion fruit is rich in polyphenols, which show powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity by quenching free radicals, in addition to immune-boosting vitamin C. The pulp of passion fruit combined with fresh mango juice lends just enough sweetness to negate the need for any added sugar in this cocktail. If you’re looking for a booze-free version, swap the pisco for 3 to 5 oz. of brewed and chilled orange pekoe tea (such as Twinning’s).