Your next picnic is about to be so much easier.
Credit: Photo: Jennifer Causey

Picnics are the epitome of summer. Good fresh food, sunshine on your face, and relaxing in the outdoors. While these fun times are sure to create memories, picnics can also create a few problems. Juggling containers, utensils, and blankets, especially if you have a few kids in-tow, can lead to spilled food and a spoiled picnic. Our solution? Jars!

Already popular with the lunch packing crowd, meals in a jar add a fun (and practical) twist to your picnic. Everything from drinks to main dishes to desserts can be thrown into a mason jar and happily carted to the nearest park or outdoor event. Below are a few of our suggestions of perfectly packable picnic fare.

Credit: Photo: Jennifer Causey


While the easiest boozy beverage to bring on a picnic is definitely just a bottle of wine, you can go the DIY route instead with any of our refreshing summer drinks. For non-partakers or children in attendance, jars are easily filled with tangy lemonade or sweet iced tea. Don't forget to bring straws!

Credit: Photo: Iain Bagwell

Main Dishes

Layers are key to dishes created in jars. Salads are perfect for this, with a layer of dressing, followed by heartier ingredients that can stand a little moisture, and finally topped off with tender (aka, easily wilting) veggies like fresh greens and herbs. Keep it simple with recipes from our 5-Ingredient Salads collection, or go a little more seasonal with some Great Summer Salads. Another wonderful picnic dish option is soup in a jar. Packed with flavor and fresh ingredients, these soups are light enough to be enjoyed even during warm weather. Be sure and pack a thermos with hot water and add to the jars just before serving.

Credit: Katherine Flynn


Perfectly portable thanks to being no-bake, our collection of desserts in a jar will add an amazing ending to your delicious picnic. Go tropical with Key Lime Pie or Pineapple-Coconut Dessert, or keep traditional flavors on the menu with Frozen S'mores or Berry Shortcakes