A little know-how will help you create a silky, rich smoothie every time.
Credit: Photo: Hector Manuel Sanchez

A perfect smoothie isn’t quite as simple as throwing everything into the blender, popping on the lid, and hitting a button. You want to layer the ingredients and build speed so that everything, from leafy greens to rock hard frozen fruit, breaks down into one cohesive mixture without overheating the blade. If you’ve ever chewed threw a chunk of banana or a whole spinach leaf as you sip your smoothie, you’ll know that a thorough blend makes all the difference. Get a perfect blend every time with these quick tips.

Add Liquid First

This lubricates the blender blade and keeps the solids moving. A liquid barrier also keeps the blender from overheating and reduces the noise of the blade as it goes to work.

Greens Go Next

Submerged in the liquid below and weighed down by the solids on top, greens will blend seamlessly into the smoothie rather than tear into small pieces and float around.

Frozen Items and Other Solids Go Last

The liquid at the bottom will absorb the pureed solids. Frozen fruit is better than a combo of fresh fruit and ice because ice won’t homogenize as easily. If using ice, blend in the empty blender for a few seconds until crushed before adding the other ingredients.

Start Low and Blend Longer

A short blend at full power makes for a terrible smoothie. Instead, start low and increase to about 30% power. Blend for a full 30 seconds, then increase the speed to 50% and blend for another 30 seconds to 1 minute or until smooth.


Let It Settle

A good bit of your smoothie lands on the sides of the blender jar and underneath the lid. Let this liquid settle a few seconds before you pour so you lose less.

Blend to Clean

Add a little dish soup to the blender jar and fill about halfway with water. Cover and blend, gradually increasing the speed, until the soapy liquid climbs up the sides. Empty and rinse with water.