Dinner clubs and neighborhood get-togethers are going to be much more fun for the adults with these boozy jellied treats.
Credit: Photo: Randy Mayor

While the kids are munching on sugar cookies, let the adults at the party slip into a boozy dessert they'll be talking about for weeks to come. Each of our jellied desserts features boozy cocktail-inspired flavors with all the sweetness you need from a meal-ending dessert.

Flavors of deep chocolaty mocha are the perfect pair for red wine in our Mocha Pudding with Red Wine Jelly.

If your crowd of gals loves their chips and margaritas, stun them with Citrus Pudding with Tequila Jelly.

A quintessential vanilla bean pudding earns an interestingly unique pair in citrusy aperitif Aperol. Try the combo in Vanilla Bean Pudding with Aperol Jelly.

Lastly, warm, spicy butterscotch meets an equally spicy jellied topping with Butterscotch Pudding with Rum Jelly.

Each of these recipes makes six servings. If you have a big crowd to serve, make a recipe of each and let your guests pick their favorite and sample from their friends' glasses.