You're going to want it with every meal. 
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Credit: Photo: Jennifer Causey

Now that we know better than to boil Brussels sprouts into submission, the recipe possibilities are endless. The next frontier, according to chef Jenn Louis, author of The Book of Greens, is a zingy, crunchy giardiniera.

"I love the crunch and versatility of this giardiniera," said Louis, "It's wonderful to [toss with] salads or top grilled or roasted meats. You could also shove it into a roll with a bunch of salumi for a killer sandwich."

So next time you're trying to figure out what to do with a bag of fresh Brussels sprouts, and want to avoid falling back on the weeknight staples of steaming or roasting them, reach for this unique recipe instead. It will also make a statement at Thanksgiving, standing out as a tangy side to cut through the richness of other dishes. 

Mild Champagne vinegar enhances the vegetable mixture with brightness rather than burying it with acidity (you can also substitute white or rice wine vinegar). The inclusion of fennel bulb and sliced jalapeños add an extra oomph to the pickle recipe, meaning this condiment will be anything but ordinary. 

This zesty recipe is perfect for a charcuterie board, as a dressing for baked fish, or to amp up your next grilled cheese sandwich. Keep in a sealed container in your fridge for three days for the best texture.