Somewhere between a banana milkshake and an iced coffee, the banana milk coffee was born. Made with blended milk, bananas, and a splash of simple syrup, banana milk is combined with cold brew coffee for a slightly sweet morning pick-me-up with an added boost of potassium. We even went ahead and blended in some peanut butter for a nutty twist, and we can't stop drinking this creation.
Credit: Sara Tane

When it comes to the beverages at this time of year, most people can’t stop talking about pumpkin spice lattes. However, when we caught wind of the Banana Milk Coffee from our friends at Extra Crispy (originally covered by Eater), we were definitely intrigued.

Created at J+B Design & Cafe in Brooklyn, this hybrid cup of joe is cold brew coffee mixed with banana milk (a blended mixture of bananas, milk, and simple syrup). The creamy banana milk adds a slightly thicker texture to the coffee and a sweet flavor that balances nicely against the acidity of the cold brew.

We were intrigued by this creative spin on a plain cup of coffee, so we couldn’t help but experiment with our own rendition. And since the best way to enjoy a banana (or really anything for that matter) is with a spoonful of peanut butter, we went ahead and tossed that in, too. The results? Not too shabby for a bunch of wanna-be baristas playing around in the test kitchen. If you’re like us and want to find any excuse to add nut butters to everything, we think you should try out our spin on this already genius java creation.

Credit: Photo: Getty

Make a batch of banana milk for yourself, and don’t hesitate to toss in some peanut butter for a nutty, protein-packed punch. If regular milk isn’t your jam, feel free to sub in your dairy-free milk of choice. Just be sure to blend your banana milk thin enough so that it won’t glob when you drop it in your coffee.

No matter how you mix it, this unique breakfast concoction is a great way to shake up your morning routine, and it’s way healthier than that Frappuccino you’re craving. The more banana milk we added, the denser and more flavorful our coffee tasted, making the drink more like a milky iced latte. We’d by lying if we said that banana milk coffee drank as thick and rich as a milkshake, but it is a fun alternative that’s way tastier than a plain black cup of joe.