Use this vibrant seasonal veggie to brighten spring dinners.
Credit: Photo: Westend61 / Getty

Vibrant, green sugar snap peas are at their peak in the spring, when they’re sweetest and most tender. They’re best either barely cooked or served raw, which preserves their irresistible crunch.

Snap Peas With Feta

Credit: Victor Protasio

Be sure to pat the snap peas thoroughly dry before tossing with the creamy yogurt-feta dressing so the dressing coats the peas instead of slipping off. Fresh mint gives this dish a decidedly Greek flavor, but dill would also taste great. The peas are a perfect side for grilled lamb chops or oregano-garlic seasoned chicken.

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A pizza and salad combo that makes for a delicious weekend breakfast or brunch but also works nicely as a dinner.

Snap Peas With Breadcrumbs and Pecorino

Credit: Victor Protasio

For the best breadcrumb flavor and texture, go for an artisan-quality whole-grain bread instead. A quick toss in a skillet with olive oil adds golden color and just the right crisp to the coarse crumbs. The lemon and pecorino deliver a bright hit of salty flavor. Pecorino Romano cheese gives the topping a sharp, salty flavor, but you could also use slightly milder, nutty-flavored Parmesan. Serve with seared pork tenderloin or broiled cod.

Pea, Radish, and Carrot Salad

Credit: Victor Protasio

Pretty ribbons of rainbow carrots, bright radishes, and vibrant green snap peas make this spring side a feast for the eyes. Go for multicolored radishes if you can—the more color the better here. Sprinkling the carrots and radishes with a pinch of salt and setting them aside while you make the dressing softens them just enough to make them easier to eat without losing any of the crunch. The miso-ginger flavors in the carrot dressing would pair well with stir-fried chicken tenders seasoned with reduced-sodium tamari and a touch of sesame oil.