Executive Editor Ann Taylor Pittman shares the tricks to perfecting a quick-bread classic.
Credit: Victor Protasio

These six ingredients make all the difference in Pittman's homemade quick bread.

Quick-Cooking Oats

Credit: Kelsey Hansen

Oats add some bulk without making the bread dense. Quick oats won't be chewy like rolled oats.


Credit: Kelsey Hansen

This helps keep the bread moist and lends it an oh-so-subtle tang to balance the sugary overripe bananas.

Walnut Oil

Credit: Kelsey Hansen

Fat adds moistness, and here it boosts taste, too: Use roasted walnut oil for deeper nut flavor than walnuts alone.

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Baking Soda

Credit: Kelsey Hansen

Acidic buttermilk needs a little alkaline baking soda for pH balance and rise. One quarter teaspoon is just right here.

Brown Sugar

Credit: Kelsey Hansen

The touch of molasses in light brown sugar gives the banana bread more complexity than plain white sugar would.

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Credit: Kelsey Hansen

These should be way overripe. One-trick: Put bananas in the oven while it preheats and cook them until they're black.