While Christmas Day may be long gone, I still love to find simple ways to keep the festivity alive--the tree is up, carols still being sung--at least until January 1st.

The morning after Christmas I made my family one of my favorite breakfasts, Eggs-in-a-Basket. The best part: it's easy. And after the big Christmas feast, simple meals are always welcome. To add a touch of whimsy fit for this time of year, I used a star-shaped cookie cutter to make the "basket" instead of my usual circular hole.

To make, all you need is a few slices of bread, eggs, a little bit of butter, and cooking spray.

Step 1: Make a hole in the middle of each slice of bread (I used sourdough here, but also love 100% whole wheat, rye, or even cinnamon-raisin bread for a tasty salty-sweet combo) using a cookie cutter or the rim of a clean drinking glass. Spread a small amount of butter on both sides of the bread and the piece you cut out.

Step 2: Place the buttered slices on a skillet coated with a small amount of cooking spray over medium heat. Toast the bread for about a minute before cracking the egg into the middle. Let the egg cook about 3-4 minutes.

Step 3: Using a large spatula, carefully flip over. Cook the other side to desired amount of doneness. Add the cut out pieces to the skillet to toast as well. Salt and pepper your egg-in-a-basket to taste and serve.

I'd love to know: Have you ever made eggs-in-a-basket? What's your go-to easy breakfast for holidays or weekends? For more ideas, check out our best healthy breakfast and brunch recipes and our top-rated egg recipes.