Matisse drums up a crowd-pleaser.
Credit: Photo: Johnny Autry

"This has been one of the best recipes that I've ever made! The chicken is so flavorful and crunchy, and the buttermilk marinade made the drumsticks nice and tender. We were having a sleepover, so we made everything ahead of time: We breaded the drumsticks, put them in the fridge, and threw them in the oven when we were ready for dinner. It was a really good crowd-pleaser and great for picky kids. Younger children can help by making the dipping sauce—I got my 4-year-old cousin to help me, and he loved mixing the ingredients. All the flavors in this recipe were so good; I will definitely be making this again!"


  • Jaden (age 4): He loved that he could pick the drumsticks up with his fingers. 10 out of 10
  • Shevaughan (age 12): She liked how crispy the chicken was and was really impressed with the sauce. 10 out of 10
  • Matisse: I loved the dipping sauce, which gave the chicken a zing before the crunch. 10 out of 10