This month, 11-year-old Matisse Reid introduces her BFFs to fresh fish tacos with creamy guac.
Credit: Photo: Johnny Autry

To field-test one of our kid-friendly recipes, I contacted the food-savviest kid I know, Matisse Reid, who loves lobster and squid and likes to add a splash of olive brine to her mussels. Her assignment: Prepare our fresh tuna tacos for some of her friends. She got her two besties to come over, and here's what she told me. —Ann Taylor Pittman

"Today I made some Tuna-Guacamole Tacos. The recipe was really easy to make. I had my friends take turns at scooping out and mashing the avocado—saved me the work! Because the guacamole recipe was very basic, you could really appreciate the lime, which gave it a tart taste without overwhelming the delicate flavor of the tuna. The guacamole was REALLY creamy and yummy to eat on its own. The fish was very succulent—I gave it an extra squeeze of lime because I like the tart taste. I cooked the tuna so it was still pink in the middle—very rare (still swimming). My two BFFs don't normally like fish, but they loved the tuna and did not mind that it was rare (maybe because I did not tell them it was rare)."


  • Megs (age 11): normally hates fish, but she gave the recipe 10/10.
  • Joc (age 10) eats lots of guac but loved this one best! She gave it 10/10.
  • Matisse: I gave it 9/10. I felt it needed more color. I would definitely make this recipe again because it is really quick to make, lots of fun, and it is yummy in your tummy!!!