Two years ahead of the FDA's added-sugar labeling requirement, Kind has revealed the amount of added sugar in over 60 of their products. 
Credit: Chicago Tribune / Getty

Kind Snacks revealed today added sugar content for more than 60 of their snack products. This includes Kind's popular Fruit & Nuts bars, Pressed bars, Healthy Grains clusters, and popped snack bites. The company released this information to consumers through an informative visual PDF, which lists each product's added sugar in teaspoons, grams, and percentages of your Daily Value of sugar.

In May, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that food brands would be required to list added sugar numbers on their products by July 2018. Kind jumped the gun and released their numbers two years earlier.

Sugar has been a hot topic for Kind, who announced in November that they would reduce the added sugar in their Fruit & Nut bars by 15 to 50 percent by late spring. As fears that sugar contributes to more health events than previously ever understood, consumers' demands for sugar transparency is pushing brands to be more open and honest about their products. Transparency will likely also push many of them to reevaluate their products and reconsider how much sugar they're adding.

"Our approach at Kind is to provide consumers with straightforward information about what they're putting into their bodies, so for us, publishing the added sugar content in our snacks is a natural next step in our ongoing commitment to transparency," said Kind found and chief executive officer Daniel Luzetzky during an interview with Food Business News.

This is a move in the right direction for Kind and for all snack brands. We're hoping some other snack companies will jump on board with the early labeling and release their sugar numbers before the 2018 deadline. Doing so can help consumers better understand the difference between added sugars and naturally occurring sugars, which will make everyone a smarter consumer in the long run.