This month, our kid in the kitchen gets rave reviews on pineapple-ham pizza.
Credit: Photo: Johnny Autry

To test one of our kid-friendly recipes, we contacted Matisse Reid, a food-savvy 11-year-old who loves to experiment with new flavors. This month, we got her grilling with a ham and pineapple pizza, earning high marks with friends and family. Here's her report. —Phoebe Wu

"Tonight, I made Grilled Ham and Pineapple Pizza for my best friend and my little brother. This recipe was really easy to make and lots of fun to cook outside on the grill. I like to heat up the grill while I'm getting the ingredients ready. And you can save more time by preparing the crust, sauce, and cheese while the pineapple and ham are cooking. Grilling the ham gives it a nice smoky flavor, and the pineapple is sweet and juicy. Although I used a regular-sized pizza crust, it would also be fun for everyone to have their own small, individual pizzas. I had so much fun making this, I'm definitely going to make it again—soon."


  • Megan (age 11): It was so good, she added an extra zero. 100 out of 10
  • Franz (age 7): He's not normally a fan of pineapple but thought it was yummy. 10 out of 10
  • Matisse: I could not stop eating it! 10 out of 10