If there is one thing we know for sure from food on the Internet, Avocado Toast is everything. Bread. Avocado. Salt. Done. The mystical equation equals the eternally Cooking Light snack—satisfying, light, and wonderful. It's essentially the perfect food.

But when August rolls around, the Internet (speaking, of course, about a collective of Facebook and Instagram users) freaks out about tomatoes. Peak flavor and freshness, tomatoes really can do no wrong. Avocado toast is *gasp!* cast aside for the perfect heirloom beefsteak. So how can we merge the two trending topics?

Introducing... Tomato Toast.

The idea for Tomato Toast was inspired by the classic Spanish tapa, Pan Con Tomate. Fresh tomatoes are grated into a chunky topping, seasoned with grated garlic and salt, and spread onto freshly toasted bread. Simple and satisfying, Pan Con Tomate is an ideal crossover, but the Cooking Light way asks for an even more basic approach.

This Tomato Toast requires three essential components: toasty fresh bread, tomato slices, and flaky sea salt. When it comes to eating beautiful veggies all summer long, salt and toast really are the perfect compliment. It's all about the fresh, crusty bread and the best quality tomatoes.

Plus, if you're even feeling sad for the lonely Avo on Toast, include thin avocado slices on your Tomato Toast. If you're feeling even more like living on the edge, add a slice of bacon and a crispy lettuce leaf for a B.L.A.S.T. (Bacon, Lettuce, Avocado, Sweet Tomato). Endless possibilities!

Cheers to the summer and the rise of the Tomato Toast. It's okay, avocado. You can have your limelight back at the end of September. (R.I.P. fresh tomatoes, until next year!)

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