Editorial staffer Hannah Klinger celebrated National Pick Strawberries Day (which is this Sunday, May 20) earlier this spring by visiting a local pick-your-own farm with some friends. Read what she learned about picking the beautiful berries, and find a farm where you can celebrate, too. Go to

If you’ve never tasted a strawberry straight off the vine, or bought a pint from a farm stand carton instead of a plastic clamshell, get yourself to a strawberry patch as soon as possible. I say soon because the season is unjustly short and comes uncommonly early depending on the weather and location (my friends and I went Easter weekend, about a month before we picked last year).

A few tips for your basket of berries: 1. Be choosy. Most U-Pick farms give you an entire row to harvest from, so select only big, deep red berries (the misshapen ones are a perfect snack while you work). 2. Be gentle. Even just picked strawberries are delicate. Store in large plastic containers with plenty of breathing room. 3. Bring the family. Vines are low to the ground and thornless, perfect for a little farmer in training. 

Once home, you can turn strawberries into jam, classic shortcakes, or elegant Napoleons. Of course, they’re just about perfect on their own.