Maybe I've always been a little "different," but no holiday makes me happier than Halloween. I have to admit, the focus retail has put on Halloween in the last few years has put me off a little, but in its essence, it's pure fun.

As a child (and a dramatic one at that), the process of coming up with the costume, executing it (with my poor mother's help), and revealing it for all the neighborhood to see really stands out in my mind more than getting ready for prom (or even for my wedding...don't tell my husband).

Now that I'm all grown up, of course it's made all the more enjoyable watching my children get in on the fun. But as a holiday, and yes I consider it a holiday since I have as many Halloween decorations in my attic as Christmas, it's still top on my list. The other evening it came to me why I like it so much. I saw a Christmas commercial on TV...yes, Christmas in October. Seeing visions of sugar plums in contrast to my houseful of spiders, pumpkins, and witches made me think: Halloween is so fun because there are no strings attached. There are no presents, no obligatory events, no family reunions, no fruit cake. Nope. Just costumes and candy. What's more fun than that?

And speaking of the candy...gone are the days when it's either the candy bar or the apple (and who wants to be the house that gives out the apples?). There are plenty of healthier Halloween treats you can dole out to family and friends that aren't pre-packaged sugar bombs.

So, go have fun this weekend and enjoy Halloween.

*I love this classic Cooking Light recipe for Brownie Snack Cake all dressed up with a spider web. It's easy, promise!