This Saturday is a day that many of us have been waiting for— the opening day of the seasonal farmers' market here in Birmingham (CL's headquarters)! There is nothing like getting out of bed in the morning, dragging yourself to your local market, and being awoken by the aromas of fresh produce and the chatter of excited (and hungry) people.

The vibrant colors and textures in every stand aren't a sore sight either. Yep, think about the piles of fruit, lines of vegetables, overflowing buckets of flowers, and bright-eyed faces that you know are thinking, "All the possibilities! What should I make first?"

Although I may sprint to the line offering local cold brew coffee and cheddar scones first, here are five things that we are excited to pick up this month:

AsparagusBright and earthy, we're throwing them in salads, pastas, sandwiches, and yes, in gorgeous and creamy soups too.


Blood OrangesTangy, sweet, and bursting with color, you bet these citrus babes are going into mixed greens, smoothies, yogurts, and Blood Orange and White Chocolate Cream Cups.


KaleThese hefty leaves were grown to be tossed, shaken, blended, and braised. So fresh and so green, we'll mix in some purple radicchio, some balsamic, and sauté.


FennelWe love that licorice-y crisp bite that fennel has. With a surprising assist from tangy oranges and briny olives, it's the perfect sidekick to juicy pork chops.

RhubarbEnd your market trip on an adventurous note with a bundle of tart rhubarb stalks. Try them in a trifle with custard and strawberries, and you'll be back next week for more.