Pear, apple, pumpkin - oh my! All the fall flavors you love are now in spreadable form. They might be called butters, but in fact there isn't any butter at all. We cook down the fruit low and slow with warm spices, zesty citrus, and sweet cider to make the perfect fall accompaniment to any dish. We recommend smearing them on toast topped with crushed nuts, spooned over yogurt or oatmeal, or enjoyed straight from the jar. You can even pair the apple or pear butter alongside pork chops for an upgrade on the familiar pork and applesauce combo. The possibilities are endless, and these jars can last in your fridge almost all season long. 

Homemade fruit butters are simple, delicious, and so versatile. Although their flavors might be sweet, you can pair them with savory dishes. Mix them in your favorite pancake or bread batter for an addition of fall flavor. Think of them as your fall version of Nutella. These butters are the perfect fall platform for your favorite flavors and can be enjoyed for any meal of the day.

You can try using your slow-cooker, but we loved cooking these butters low and slow on the stove. Talk about a perfect crisp fall Saturday in the kitchen. Let your house be filled with the scents of the season while skipping on the high calories of pies and sweets. 

Apple Butter


Credit: Katherine Flynn

Homemade apple butter is a cinch to prepare and is delicious when spread on toast, added to oatmeal, or prepared alongside savory proteins. The addition of lemon juice brightens the slowly-cooked fruit and warm spices. 

Pumpkin Butter

Credit: Katherine Flynn

This 30-minute pumpkin butter recipe uses spices from your pantry and only requires a few additional ingredients from the grocery store. Our secret ingredient? Freshly grated ginger for an extra kick of spice.

Spiced Pear Butter

Credit: Katherine Flynn

Want to give a gift out during the holidays beyond cookies? Make a batch of this spiced pear butter, and buy extra canning jars for the perfect gift everyone will actually love and enjoy. Don't skip th ecardamom. It adds great spice and warmth along with the cinnamon.