Try something new when slicing up veggies for a stir-fry or throwing together a weeknight salad. 

If you like Onions, try Leeks

If you're one of those people that packs on more onion in your omelette than egg, try leeks. Leeks are the delicious, milder brother to the onion. They acquire a subtle sweetness when cooked down and are especially delicious blended into potato leek soups, cooked into quiche, or in a stir fry served with a protein. 

Credit: Photo: Caitlin Bensel

If you like Green Beans, try Okra

We know that okra can be a little intimidating, but hear us out. Notoriously a little slimy, when prepared correctly okra's flavor is akin to green beans. With the same kind of crunch and texture, okra can be prepared in dishes you would use green beans and sometimes you can even find them side by side on a plate. 

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If you like Asparagus, try White Asparagus

If you've spotted these albino looking asparagus at your super market, you most likely assumed there must have been something wrong with the bundle. The two varieties are basically one in the same, but white asparagus adds a distinct clean color to dishes, with a more tender bite and milder flavor. They go great in recipes that require a delicate flavor and color. 

Try a white asparagus recipe: Orzotto with Green and White Asparagus 

Credit: Photo: Jamie Vespa

If you like Cauliflower, try Romanesco

This vegetable looks a little out of this world. Somewhere in between a cauliflower and broccoli, romanesco is a bit earthier than the two and has a very interesting texture. The shape is a little spiky and deformed, so it makes for an experiential meal and a very pretty plate. 

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If you like Corn, try Jicama

This may be a stretch for some, but corn and jicama share a related sweet flavor and starchyness. Jicama are crunchy like an apple when raw, and are fantastic in slaws or even simply sliced with a little chili pepper sprinkled on. They look like a turnip at the market, but cut inside to find the sweet, white interior. 

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Credit: Photo: Randy Mayor

If you like Broccoli, try Kohlrabi

The bulb is the star of the show here, and tastes similar to the stalk of a broccoli bunch. The flavor is mild, but the texture is almost identical to that of broccoli. You can enjoy it raw with dip or steam it, just like your would a broccoli side dish or appetizer. 

If you like Peas, try Lima Beans

Lima beans are like a pea's cooler, older brother. They are much larger, but provide a similar creamy texture that a pea offers. You can serve lima beans straight with salt and pepper like peas, but they are extra delicious in soups, stews, and salads. 

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Credit: Photo: Caitlin Bensel

If you like Spinach, try Swiss Chard

If you've found yourself a little fatigued by spinach, swiss chard is a great alternative. The vegetable is definitely more bitter than spinach, but it cooks similarly and develops a comparable flavor profile. We wouldn't recommend steaming it plain like you would spinach, but swiss chard is delicious in stews and has a fantastic color to add to a veggie-filled stir fry. 

Try a swiss chard recipe: Almond-Garlic Swiss Chard

If you like Carrots, try Beets

Beets develop a deep, sweet flavor, similar to carrots, when roasted. Though beets aren't eaten raw as commonly as carrots are, they are fantastic prepared cold on top of salads or warm and spiced as a side dish. 

If you like Potatoes, try Sunchokes

Potatoes have a bad reputation for being extra starchy and usually pretty heavy. Sometimes referred to as Jerusalem artichokes , sunchokes grow similarly to a potato and have a related earthy flavor. They are super versatile, and can be prepared fried, mashed, broiled, or baked like you would a potato.