Here's a wonderful side-effect of CSA: it's contagious. Our veggie moderator (moi) grew jealous of doling out fragrant specimens of peak-seaon produce to the CSA Challenge bloggers, so I bought my own share. Turns out Grow Alabama has a special deal -- if at least eight colleagues join the CSA, they'll waive the $20 delivery fee and designate your office as an official drop-off location. Now our lobby sees eight boxes of veggies every Wednesday. It's like the love-child of Webvan and farmer's market!

The eggplant in my in-box attracted the attention of my boss' boss, a fellow CSA member of another who also likes the challenge of ingredients he doesn't normally cook. "I don't know that I would have bought okra," he said, "but it made me look up recipes." He settled on Southern Living's Parmesan Okra recipe and gave the results thumbs-up. I made Spicy Pickled Okra, and when I fed some to my Southern-bred pal, he said, 'It tastes just like what my mother used to make."

Here's what Team Carrots faces in their next week of CSA Cooking:

Susan, senior copy editor: squash, okra, green beans

Mary Kay, editor-in-chief:
cherry tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, basil

Maelynn, managing editor: soybeans, eggplant, canteloupe (not pictured)

Tiffany, assistant test kitchens director: eggs, tomatoes, basil, cranberry beans (aka October beans, a type of pinto), melon (not shown)