This week's CSA box brought a few new treats along with many summer classics (corn, peppers, cucumbers and other things not shown here--we chose to shoot just the highlights). It was one heavy box packed with all this summer goodness: a watermelon, a huge portobello mushroom, some ginormous heirloom tomatoes, soybeans, green beans, potatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, squash, okra, eggplant, corn, onions, and eggs.

Our staff has really enjoyed the Cooking Away My CSA challenge. (Did you know it has it's own Twitter group? Search for #CAMC.) Some bloggers have been forced to try foods they otherwise would never buy. Others have been inspired to get a bigger dose of fresh foods on their plates. One member of Team Carrots says she has even taken up a little backyard farming.

"This has inspired me to plant an herb garden," Maelynn says. "I have SO much basil. I take the dog out extra just to walk by and smell it."

Mary Kay is going on a much-needed vacation, so Phillip, our deputy editor, is subbing in. Phillip loves to entertain but usually cooks for two. A fan of kitchen gadgets (the more the better), he enjoys cooking intuitively. There's not much he dislikes, besides eggplant and sea urchin. Cooking: experience: his mom ran a restaurant, he bussed tables at 13, and he cooks avidly at home.

Here's who got what this week:

Phillip, deputy editor: small watermelon, cucumbers (4), green peppers (2)

Maelynn, managing editor: potatoes (1 lb. tiny), heirloom tomatoes (2), beans, squash (a bunch)

Tiffany, assistant test kitchens director: soybeans, okra, 1 large portobello mushroom

Susan, senior copy editor: onions, corn (5 ears), eggplant (2), eggs