We fell in love with them in 2016, and now at Costco again—and just $9 for three pounds!
Credit: Sara Tane

If you haven't yet tried cotton candy grapes, now is your chance: Costco has brought the popular super-sweet fruit back, and if you don't mind buying a lot all at once, it's a very nice price. Just $9 buys you three whole pounds of these magical fruits.

This wild cross between a carnival fantasy and produce first started getting attention back in 2016. At the time, these grapes were made popular by California-based Grapery, which released the cotton candy flavor in green, Concord, Moon Drop, and Tear Drop varieties.

Credit: Sara Tane

They don't just taste sweet, either: They even smell like cotton candy. On opening the bag, you get a waft of sugary aroma. Toss one in your mouth and you will get the unmistakable taste of an airy cloud of cotton candy.

They are not shy on sweetness either; traditional grapes contain around 17 percent natural sugars, while these are closer to 20 percent natural sugars.

Credit: Sara Tane

Cotton candy grapes have always been elusively hard to find in grocery stores, so its understandable that the Internet got way excited when Costco announced that they have stocked them in several stores. 

While Costco hasn't released a master list of all the stores where the grapes will be available, there's a Reddit thread where shoppers have been calling out the locations that have the grapes in stock. If yours isn't listed, call them ahead of time: You can find every store's contact information right here.

And given that the blazing heat of summer is well underway, we're sure more than a few of you would think of new ways to enjoy this sweet treat all summer long—frozen in a cocktail, perhaps?