All you moms out there who struggle to get a meal on the table after a long day at work...I hear you, sisters! Finally I understand what it means to really appreciate a superfast, super-nutritious meal.

I just returned to my job in the Cooking Light test kitchen after a three-month maternity leave. In those months I adjusted to my new reality: five minutes to sit and eat a meal, even less time to shower, and a whirlwind day that may include a 4 p.m. pause just long enough to realize I'm still in my pajamas. Whew! All those things people say about motherhood? I finally get it.

It's our goal at this magazine to provide a number of recipes each month that are quick and easy, but also nutritious and of course delicious. They're lifesavers for moms like me, who want to nurture their families with healthful meals that are downright doable on a hectic weeknight.Heck, I'm a professional cook and it's a challenge for ME, so I know what you're going through.So my new blog series, New Mom in the Kitchen, will share tricks and tips for getting a meal on the table.  Granted, right now my baby only eats milk, but my husband still wants to eat a regular home-cooked meal most nights. Stay tuned for weekly updates on how I'm navigating this crazy, beautiful new life.  
P.S. Please feel free to pass along any tricks of the mom trade you think I need to know. I know you've got lots!