The weather is warming up, farmers' markets are gearing up, and it is officially the season to ramp it up. Ramps--also called spring onions and resembling a slimmer, leafier green onion--are a springtime treat treasured by the food community at large. And for good reason! Their flavor, resembling a garlicky, more potent leek, is unlike any other. Ramps can be a bit tricky to get your hands on given the incredibly high demand during their fairly short season; and like any foraged beauty, supplies are limited. Keep an eye out for them at your local farmers' market, and don't hesitate to ask your favorite grocer if there might be any shipments coming in. There are countless ways to savor ramps once you find a bunch, but here are a handful of our favorite:

1) Thinly slice ramps, and incorporate into your favorite whole-grain bread or biscuit dough.

2) Substitute ramps for onions in your go-to allium jam recipe.

3) Lightly sauté, and mix into softened butter. Spread over everything.

4) Grill whole, chop, and then stir into picnic-season potato salad for amped-up flavor.

5) Stir up a brine, and pickle those suckers. You'll love them in antipasti platters and Bloody Marys.

Tastes of Spring: