This vibrant springtime veggie is so pretty when it's shaved. 
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Credit: Photo: Christopher Testani

Asparagus, one of springtime's most beloved veggies, is such a delectable addition to any dish. Although it is always a flavorful option no matter what way it is prepared, we suggest shaving it. We know what you're thinking: Why shave asparagus? Shaving veggies allows them to become more tender but still maintain and highlight crispness. Shaving asparagus truly enables you to enjoy the entire stalk. Also, shaving vegetables makes for a beautiful dish that is ever so pleasing to the eye. A mandoline slicer is the easiest way to achieve these delicate ribbons of spring produce, but a regular vegetable peeler will certainly get the job done as well. We've provided 5 recipes below for your asparagus shaving inspiration. 

Credit: Photo: Jennifer Causey

While this dish does not include asparagus in the recipe, asparagus could easily be added or used as a substitute for any of the veggies in it. 

Credit: Photo: Brian Woodcock

This cheesy recipe is everything we want in an asparagus salad. To shave the asparagus with a peeler, hold the tough stem in your fingers and start at the green tender part. Peel toward the head with a sharp peeler to make thin ribbons. Medium or thick asparagus works best for shaving.

Credit: Photo: Greg Dupree

This gorgeously green pizza is packed with vegetables. The recipe calls for chopped asparagus, but we suggest shaving it. Why not? Spring is a time to try new things. 

Credit: Photo: Caitln Bensel

This spring vegetable bowl is missing one very important ingredient: Asparagus. Add some shaved asparagus to this recipe, or customize your own grain bowl. 

Credit: Photo: Christopher Testani

This shaved asparagus salad is light, springy, and has the perfect amount of crunch.