Potatoes, the multi-talented spuds that can be baked, boiled, mashed, fried, and more! But what about the leftovers? We have a ten delicious ideas for cleaning out your fridge and getting dinner on the table. 

By Hayley Sugg
July 25, 2016
IgorGolovnov / Getty

Ah, potatoes. Although shocking to some, it is possible to have leftovers of potatoes, which rings in as America's favorite vegetable. Leftover potatoes are (almost) just as good as fresh, plus they're a key component in several dishes. These ten suggestions below are just a few ways the ever-versatile leftover potato can be used:

  • Shepherd's pie - A classic dish, cook up some meat and veggies in gravy, then top with leftover mashed potatoes. For an extra indulgent topping, mix in a little cheese to make an irresistibly cheesy pie. 
  • Croquettes - These pan-fried little patties can contain whatever your heart desires. Start with a base of leftover mashed potatoes and mix in everything from flaked fish to cheddar cheese to other cooked veggies. Coat in a little breading before lightly frying and serve with dipping sauce on the side. 
Photo: Whitney Ott

Photo: Jennifer Causey

Photo: Jennifer Causey