My husband swears he invented “Friendsgiving.” (Over the years, he has also claimed to have popularized Converse sneakers, Western shirts, and Swatch watches… you get the idea.) Our version of the annual holiday started years ago when we decided that instead of giving gifts to our friends, we would just throw a holiday party and invite everyone over for a great meal. Since December filled up so quickly, our parties usually ended up happening right after Thanksgiving—thus our personal Friendsgiving was born.

We learned several things from throwing these parties (most of which were valuable lessons on how to prep with limited counter space and the key of planning out the oven schedule in advance) but during the party my husband found he was often tied to the bar area making cocktails. The next year, we planned ahead. My husband discovered the Wilga Hill Boomerang in a cocktail book, and it became our signature cocktail. Made with gin, vermouth, and apple juice, the drink was colorful enough to be inviting without being overly sweet. We purchased an extra-large shaker and were able to whip up four cocktails at a time. Now our friends expect the drink at all of gatherings, and we’re happy to oblige.

Check out Cooking Light’s lighter version, the Wilga Hill Boomerang II, and tell us in the comments what your house cocktail is.

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