Each month, we provide one special Sunday recipe that yields a bit extra, then two quick and easy recipes to transform those leftovers during the week. This is get ahead cooking at it’s most inventive: instead or repeats night after night, our strategic recipe trio gives you three completely different dinners and zero food waste. Cook a little extra now, and save time and money later!

This week, start with a big batch of pizza dough. There’s nothing quite like fresh pizza dough, especially when made with nutty, whole-grain whole-wheat flour. Get the kids involved mixing and needing the dough, then play pizzaiolo when it comes time to top and transfer to the oven.

Mix up your dough on Sunday night, wrapping the remaining portions in plastic wrap and refrigerating. One portion becomes a summery pie, followed by herbed, grilled pizza croutons and chicken and ranch calzones. You could also make the calzones on the same night as the pizza, wrap individually in foil, and freeze.

Sunday Night: Zucchini-Ricotta PizzaUse 1 portion (about 1/3) for tonight; reserve remaining 2 portions, wrapped separately in plastic wrap, for Recipes 2 and 3.

Weeknight 1: Shrimp Panzanella (Italian bread salad)Use 1 portion (about 1/3) of prepared dough

Weeknight 2: Broccoli, Cheddar, and Ranch Chicken CalzonesUse 1 portion (about 1/3) of prepared doughWant less? If you want just want pizza dough for tonight, substitute 12 ounces refrigerated whole-wheat pizza dough (found in your grocer’s bakery) for each recipe.

More Ways with Pizza Dough: