Alabama summers only seem to get hotter. Although air conditioning is pretty common these days, turning the oven on still might not be ideal. Not to mention, nothing beats biting into a chilly sweet treat.

Ever made a no-bake dessert? It's as easy as (No-Bake Fresh Strawberry) Pie. Don't believe me? See for yourself:

I've rounded up some more of my all-time favorite no-bake desserts. I highly recommend you prepare one (or all of them, if that suits your fancy) and enjoy them out by the pool... or somewhere tropical if that's an option. Always go with that option.

Summer Berry Medley with Limoncello and Mint: Say it with me, "lee-mon-CHAY-lo." Don't you just love how that rolls off the tongue? It's tempting to have this Italian liqueur all on its own, but go ahead and add a daily fruit serving to the mix. It's delightful.

Banana Cream Pie Smoothie: Bananas, vanilla, graham crackers, oh my! The tasty crunch added by the graham crackers is what makes this smoothie shine. It also provides the same amount of calcium as a glass of milk. Cheers to that!

Coffee-Drenched Ice Cream with Banana and Peanuts: Frosty ice cream meets hot espresso and crunchy chocolate shavings in this 5-ingredient masterpiece. Not only will you be cooled off, you'll have a nice burst of energy that you need to... lounge by the pool?

Simple Strawberry Mousse: Like fluffy strawberry ice cream. Need I say more?

Peanut Butter Pie: We all know chocolate + peanut butter is a classic, undeniable combo. Put that into pie form, and something truly magical happens. This recipe will leave you with two pies, so if you can, try to share. Warning: it's going to be very, very hard. I enjoy serving (and consuming) it frozen.

Last-Minute Tropical Sherbet: When it comes to desserts, I normally go the creamy route rather than the fruity/icy route. Not this time! The yogurt added to this sherbet creates that creamy deliciousness I crave and that most sherbets don't possess. And that lemon--yumm--refresh yourself!

Something Sweet to Keep You Cool: