Crunched for time? Lean, mean rotisserie chicken will come to the rescue! Check out these no-recipe-needed ideas for quick meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner!) using a store-bought bird.

BreakfastChicken, Asparagus, and Cheese Omelet: Fill omelet with diced rotisserie chicken breast, blanched asparagus spears, and a sprinkle of cheese (we like gruyere!)

LunchPulled BBQ Chicken Stuffed Taters: Toss a mixture of shredded light and dark meat with lower-sodium BBQ sauce. Stuff in a baked potato. Top with oil and vinegar-dressed slaw.

DinnerHomemade Chicken and Cheese Ravioli: In the food processor, pulse a cubed rotisserie chicken breast with a handful of grated pecorino, a few fresh basil leaves, and black pepper until well combined but not completely smooth. Fold filling into wonton wrappers. Cook in a large pot of boiling water for 2-3 minutes. Serve with tomato sauce.

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