In the world of sweets, if a more treasured combination than peanut butter and chocolate exists, I'm unaware of it. Sea salt and caramel has its merits. It's trendy, but it seems to have some staying power. Mint and chocolate is strong, too, but it's too polarizing to be really great. Seasonal favorites like strawberries and balsamic vinegar or peaches and cream are also divine, but nothing--and I mean nothing--comes as close to the definition of dessert perfection as peanut butter and chocolate. At least in my book.

There's something about that nutty, warm peanut butter mixing with a kiss of delicately sweet chocolate. And if you're like me and prefer your chocolate as dark as the night, there's an even better contrast between the peanut butter and the sharp, almost bitter, bite of super dark chocolate.

To celebrate my favorite dessert combination, I've pulled together my 5 favorite Cooking Light recipes that feature the combination. As you'll see from these recipes, the beauty of this combination is that it stretches beyond desserts to snacks. It's always a good time to enjoy peanut butter and chocolate.

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