With all the hubbub about Mother's Day breakfast and brunch, why not do something different and satisfy Mom's sweet tooth with a homemade, baked-with-love dessert? Last Mother's Day, I made my mom a batch of our mutual favorite Lemon Squares. They turned out great and were a fun, sweet and tangy treat for the warming weather.

So as a lover of baking (and all things sweet), I've rounded up some of my favorite go-to Cooking Light desserts to help find the perfect recipe for you, depending on your Mom's taste.

For the Chocoholic: Chocolate Chunk Bread Pudding
These individual bread puddings are not only delicious and impressive, they're also very easy to make. They're light and airy, but never lacking in rich chocolatey goodness. Be sure not to forget the sprinkle of chocolate chunks (or to make it even easier, chocolate chips) on top before baking. The recipe makes two, but it would be easy to double or even triple depending on your family's size.


For the Fruit Lover: Peach and Blackberry Cobbler
I've made this recipe about five times and it comes out perfectly each and every time (it was so good, I apparently forgot to take a photo after it was finished baking). This dessert boasts summer-fresh fruit with a warm biscuit-like topping. I've only used fresh fruit, but some reviewers have tried frozen with success as well.



For the Traditionalist: Chocolate Chip Cookies
You can't go wrong with a classic and this recipe has been my go-to for a few years now. They're soft and chewy with the perfect hint of vanilla. A dash of cinnamon takes them over the top.




For the All-American Mom: Apple Pie
One reviewer raves, "This is the best apple pie I've ever made and I've been making pies almost 30 years." I have to agree: the filling is absolutely divine. My recommendation: use honeycrisp apples.




For the Crowd-Pleaser: Yellow Sheet Cake with Chocolate Frosting
This cake has something for everyone: buttery yellow cake topped with a cream cheese-based chocolate frosting. Our Test Kitchen awarded it top scores and if I hadn't tried out the recipe myself, I'd have sworn it wasn't light.



How will you be celebrating Mother's Day this year?