Take a trip to any chocolate shop, and most likely, you will meet a truffle that you will love. Cooking Light’s Deb Wise has a few tricks up her sleeve for how to create truffle heaven in your very own kitchen.

1. Find a recipe that has no tempered chocolate.Tempering chocolate can be tricky, so when you’re first starting out, pick a truffle that is coated in cocoa powder or something of the like.

2. Don’t burn the chocolate.Melt your chocolate in a pan over a steamy water bath, and make sure that the pan never touches the water.

3. Make it pretty.Appearances are important, so find another set of hands to help garnish and keep your truffle-making on track.

Three recipes that will get you started on your truffle journey:

Chocolate-Triple Hazelnut TrufflesThis tasty pop of chocolate is the perfect introduction to truffle-making. Plus, it’s one of the stars of Wise’s new book.

Champagne TrufflesAnother fudgy delicious truffle from Wise, these take only 20 minutes of prep and are ready to eat in three hours.

Bourbon-Caramel TrufflesThis bourbon delight can be made in a snap and is only 60 calories per truffle.

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