The humble chickpea (AKA garbanzo bean) is a versatile legume that sadly is often overlooked for just about everything except hummus. But there's actually a plethora of ways to incorporate chickpeas, a great source of both protein and fiber, into your diet.

Start your day off packed with a double punch of protein from waffles that use garbanzo flour and an egg atop. The flour may be familiar to those interested in the gluten-free diet, but it's a foreign ingredient to most. Never fear though, garbanzo flour can be used in everything from savory baked goods to batter for fried dishes.

Garbanzo flour has been a staple ingredient for farinata, an Italian savory pancake, for hundreds of years. Our easy one-dish version is topped with delicious roasted vegetables.

The firmness of chickpeas makes them good candidates for a non-mushy bean burger. Get a taste of the Middle East by pairing your burger with roasted red peppers, radishes, and smoked paprika for an irresistible slider.

Roasting chickpeas causes them to become addictively crunchy, and they're a good choice for a lower-carb movie night snack. Our slightly spicy version is easily customizable with your favorite seasonings.

Lightly mashed chickpeas can be used as a vegetarian alternative for chicken or tuna salad. Nobody will miss the meat when it's tucked into a pita with mayo, Greek yogurt, fresh herbs, and crisp vegetables.

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