Top pizza pie recipes from the Cooking Light Staff.
Credit: Becky Luigart-Stayner

From traditional parlor versions to upscale pies topped withgourmet ingredients, pizza is one of our favorite foods. Want totry a sure-fire hit? Try one of these top picks from the Cooking Light Staff.

Herbed Cheese Pizza
"The dough for this pizza is just perfect, and I love makingthe individual pizzas and freezing some (unbaked) for later. Thetoppings are incredibly simple but well chosen. Salty kassericheese works well with the cumin-spiced sauce, and a sprinkling offresh parsley brightens the flavors."
Ann Taylor Pittman, Associate Food Editor

Pizza with Winter Squash and Bacon
"A wonderful cool-weather option."
Alison Ashton, Senior Food Editor

Caramelized Onion and Goat Cheese Pizza
"This pizza fits my busy after-school schedule. Using apre-made crust and store-bought sauce makes this a speedy supper.The fresh basil and goat cheese add the punch, and the sun-driedtomatoes give it that little extra something that you don't get infrozen or delivery pizza. Most importantly, my son, Cory, likes it,too."
Maelynn Cheung, Managing Editor

" My favorite pizza is a creation I call Chicken-Bacon-Ranch.I usually use a thin prepared crust with a sauce of ranch dressing,cracked black pepper and roasted garlic. My toppings are strips ofroasted chicken, crisp bacon, caramelized red onions, and a cheese(usually mozzarella and parmesan). Tip: Don't stack up the toppings in the middle or they willweigh down the crust and it will be soggy in the middle."
SaBrina Bone, Test Kitchen staff

" Growning up in the Drennen household, we always had pita pizzanight on Sunday. Each person would split a pita round in half,spread it with commercial pizza sauce, and visit our "topping bar"to load it up with peppers, onions, cheese, etc. It was always afavorite of mine growing up, and it still is today. Because thepita is so thin, it is less filing than a traditional pizza crust,but just as tasty and crispy."
Mary Drennen, Test Kitchen staff

Margherita Pizza
"I like to top pizza dough with fresh mozzarella, basil,thinly sliced tomatoes, salt, pepper, and olive oil. (It's yourbasic Margherita Pizza.) But what's nice is that you don't evenhave to make a sauce."
Kathleen Kanen, Test Kitchen staff

Chicago-Style Deep-Dish Pizza
"It's easy to prepare and unique in that it was made in acast-iron skillet, and it's sooo cheesy! Every time it was testedor photographed, there was not a scrap left in the pan."
Tiffany Vickers, Test Kitchen Staff

Spinach, Caramelized Onion, and Bacon Pizza
"I've made this pizza several times, and there's practicallyno way you can mess it up. I've added sun-dried tomatoes, switchedmozzarella for Parmesan, and used a store-bought crust?it alwaysturns out tasty. I also like that the recipe features a whitesauce, a nice change from the traditional red sauce."
Jennifer Middleton Richards, Online Editor