Pungent, sour, and refreshing, this simple Caribbean sauce of garlic, citrus, oil, and cumin was born for hot-weather cooking—and eating.

Mojo SauceA combination of fresh-squeezed orange and lime juices will approximate the flavor of sour orange, which is traditionally used in this citrusy Cuban version of mojo sauce. If you can find a Seville orange (the most common variety of sour orange grown in the U.S.), use that instead.

Use it:

- As a marinade for pork (chops, shoulder, tenderloin … try 'em all!)

- For a lighter version of Buffalo wings, toss hot cooked chicken wings with mojo instead of the traditional hot sauce and butter.

- As a quick pickling liquid for sliced red onions, radishes, or okra.

- Brush onto white fish, like swordfish, while grilling.

- As a dipping sauce for yucca or sweet potato fries.

- Baste a whole chicken with mojo while roasting.

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