I guess ice pops have a season—summertime—but frankly, I'm happy to enjoy them year-round. When the summer fruit (plums, peaches, berries, and cherries) ebbs, I move on to what's prolific during the cooler months. (When the time comes, think pears, grapefruit, and pomegranates.)

No matter the season, there are always those evergreen flavors like coffee, chocolate, tea, and anything yogurt. But before before it time to pull on a jacket and think about sipping hot things more than slurping up something icy, here's how to get in your last licks of summer.

The Best of Berry and Stone Fruit Pops (with and without creamy layers)

Evergreen Pops for All Year

We love this idea from sister brand Southern Living because bubbly is NEVER out of season!

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