I love a good ladies' night in. Or peoples' night in. Or just a me night in, if we're being honest (actually, that might be my favorite).

Regardless of who you're inviting, you gotta have good snack game. Sure, hummus and pita are staples of these types of shindigs, but I like to serve something with more staying power, like our Avocado-Mango Salsa (also great over chicken or fish, btw). First, watch this video to see how it's made:


Now, let's talk about what we're drinking with it. Here are my suggestions:

A beer: We rounded up our favorite light beers here, but I also love the idea of a session ale, like Founders' All Day IPA.

A wine: Something crisp, refreshing, and bright, like a Spanish Albarino.

A cocktail: Well, how about we match the flavors of the salsa with a Mango-Avocado Marg? Is this meant to be or what?

A boozy sweet treat: Our Pineapple-Rum Granita. This one is make-ahead for an added bonus of ease.

…and a non-alcoholic option: Cilantro-Jalapeno Limeade

Whatever sip you decide to savor, your next party will be perfection with this awesome salsa. Cheers!

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