Matisse and friends whip up a quick, fruity treat.
Credit: Photo: Randy Mayor

"Today I made berry frozen yogurt that's quick, easy, and fun. You can use any frozen fruit you want, like blueberries, raspberries, or even bananas. I used strawberries. The yogurt balances out the sweet and tart strawberry flavor and makes it nice and creamy. You can also use any flavor of yogurt. I made a batch with Greek yogurt for my mom. It was a little sour for us kids, but my mom really enjoyed it. This recipe did not take long and was very healthy. I loved how the flavors blended together and that the texture of the yogurt was creamy and smooth—a melt-in-your-mouth experience like no other! This is definitely a summer treat you and your family will love."

> Kahlo (age 7): She thought the frozen yogurt tasted like the fresh berry ice cream at our local farmers' market. 10 out of 10
> Jasper (age 9): He said, "I love fruit. This is super-yummy!" 10 out of 10
> Matisse: I love summer berries but could have easily eaten this with any fruit. The mint adds a hint of freshness to the dish. 10 out of 10