What to do with that half-finished bottle of wine

What to do with that half-finishedbottle of wine left over from last night's meal?

• If you plan to drink it within a few days, just re-corkand refrigerate, says David Lynch, General Manager at MarioBatali's Babbo in New York. Since almost all wine benefits fromsome aeration, he finds the flavors often improve by the second orthird day after opening.

• If you won't reach for it again for more than a day ortwo, invest in a preservative product like VineyardFresh ( www.vineyardfresh.com),which displaces the oxygen in a half-finished bottle with safe,protective argon and nitrogen gas. This is a common practice atwine bars.

• Buy a half bottle, says Marc Murphy, chef/owner ofLandmarc restaurant in New York City, where 60 wines are sold inhalf bottles. Each one equals about two hearty glasses, and thesmaller bottles are increasingly popular with winemakers fromCalifornia to Bordeaux.