We have three drink strategies that pair perfectly with pasta primavera.

By Jordan Mackay
February 05, 2013
Credit: Photo: Randy Mayor


All the vegetables in the pasta actually go quite well with the vegetal, floral notes of hops.

RECOMMENDED Many beers have the bitter edge to complement veggies, but rich, malty brews weigh down starchy pastas. Instead, look to a German-style pilsner. Light and bright, these beers contain the refreshing crispness to perfectly highlight vegetables—from sweet spring onions to nutty fava beans.

Shown: Victory Prima Pils, USA ($8/six-pack). Or: Bitburger Premium Pils, Germany ($9/six-pack)


A cascade of bubbles makes a lovely contrast to silky pasta, while a hint of red fruit adds a new element to the pairing.

RECOMMENDED Some of the best values in sparkling rosé come from France's Loire Valley. These lively wines deliver plenty of palate-cleansing acidity and effervescence to cut through rich sauces. Berry aromas connect with ingredients like cherry tomatoes while contrasting pleasantly with fresh baby artichokes or sweet peas.

Shown: Veuve du Vernay, Brut Rosé, France ($9). Or: Deligeroy, Crémant de Loire Brut Rosé, France ($13)


A sharp, light-bodied white has crisp fruit and an herbal intensity to handle a veggie-packed pasta.

RECOMMENDED Try a dry riesling from Germany. Unlike sweet rieslings, these wines have a hint of herb and citrus that makes them well-suited to spring dishes. Mineral flavors and a touch of acidity complement green vegetables like broccoli or asparagus, especially when combined with herbaceous sauces.

Shown: Selbach, Incline Riesling, Germany, 2011 ($12). Or: Josef Leitz, Leitz Out, Germany, 2011 ($13)

OOPS!  Avoid oaky, heavy white wines like chardonnay. These vanilla-laden bombs will overpower a spring pasta's light and delicate flavors.