Find the perfect brew for your menu.

To achieve an ideal paring, beer and food should taste bettertogether than either would separately. Neither the food nor thebeer should overwhelm the other; rather, the flavors shouldbalance.

Beer's slightly sweet malty flavors (with undertones of bitterhops and bready yeast) complement many foods. That said, beer pairsparticularly well with strong flavors. Hence, beer is the beverageof choice for foods with vinegary, smoky, spicy hot, and pungenttastes. It's also sensational with deep-fried foods.

It's no accident that beer is popular with much Mexican, Thai,Indian, and German cuisine. Usually the best beer to enjoy withthese dishes is one from the country where the food originated.Soothing Singha beer from Thailand is ideal with Thai food, whileBohemia from Mexico is ideal with chile-laden food, forexample.

When choosing beer to pair with a particular dish, match likewith like―mild lagers and lighter ales with delicate andsubtle foods, and full-flavored ales and even stouts with strongerfoods. For example, try a pilsner with a light dish like StuffedShrimp with Lemon-Pomegranate Glaze, or a full-flavored amberale with the assertive RoastedGarlic and Shallot Potato Soup with Cheesy Croutons.