The Coravin system has long been on the market, but Amazon is currently running the faux wine opener at a lower price which might entice you to invest in this technological wonder.
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You may have heard of Coravin, the technological wonder that allows wine enthusiasts and sommeliers alike the ability to enjoy a full serving of wine without even opening the bottle. It's also a great way to ensure you don't over do it by falling into caloric pitfall, finishing off a bottle of wine by yourself in one sitting. 

How does such a modern marvel work, you might ask?

Coravin allows users to pour wine from a bottle by using a thin needle to penetrate the cork without creating a core itself, meaning the wine will remain sealed and protected from oxygen. Given that cork is a naturally buoyant and sponge-like in nature, the cork will resume its shape after the needle is removed.

The space-age wine opener uses the needle to insert argon gas, which is heavily used in the wine-making process to begin with, into the bottle in order to force wine out through the infinitesimal opening that it creates. That gas also continues to protect the wine inside the bottle from going sour thanks to oxidation.

Credit: Photo: Amazon.

Reviews of the product claim that Coravin is often more easier to use than an actual bottle opener, and allows wine lovers to savor a taste of a special bottle without actually consuming the entire bottle. It’s especially appealing to couples or families who have diverse tastes, given that both red and whites can be enjoyed without committing to two separate bottles.

Do remember that the Coravin system, much like other systems on the market, requires you to purchase argon gas refills – these will run you about $20 when it’s time for a refill.

But others have commented on how pricey the system can be in comparison to a cheap fix like a wine stopper – when the Coravin was first introduced in 2013, the hefty price tag of $350 meant that few could enjoy the magic of sipping on a wine without opening the bottle.

Credit: Photo: Amazon.

Wine lovers will be happy to hear that the system is now on sale on Amazon for $199. It’s still a big chunk of money to drop on what is essentially a wine opener, but for those in the business of wine – or those who drive the wine business itself – it might be worth the pretty penny to actually enjoy a prized bottle without opening it.

That bottle that you’re saving for a very rainy day? Could be time to give it a whirl, even if it is just a little taste.