Here's what you should have on-hand to mix three classic cocktails.

Three mixed drinks is all you need to host a cocktail party. It's hard to juggle more, unless you want to play bartender the whole time.

We suggest the following recipes for your next happy hour: Pineapple Margarita, Classic Dry Martini, and Old-Fashioned.

A well-stocked bar should include the following:

• Ice-cold, top-quality vodka (keep in freezer)

• Rye whiskey (for the Old-Fashioned), Kentucky bourbon, single-malt scotch, and tequila-all at room temperature-plus dry white French vermouth, dark and medium rums, tonic, bitters, and liqueurs

• Plenty of ice; bucket and tongs

• Red and white wines for guests who prefer wine

• Water, club soda, soft drinks, and fruit juices

• Metal cocktail shaker (to shake the Pineapple Margarita; use shaker container to stir the vodka, vermouth, and ice for the Classic Dry Martini)

• Strainer for martinis

• Appropriate glasses for martinis, Old-Fashioneds, highballs, and wine

• Olives and onions (for martinis), lemons (zest for martinis), and limes (to rub on rims of glasses for margaritas)

Happy Hour
A retro-style cocktail supper combines the glamour of a bygone era with updated dishes for today's entertaining.