Don't let that bottle go to waste.
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This happens every holiday season: You open up a new bottle of wine, but it doesn’t get finished. It’s healthy in reasonable amounts, but you don’t want to over-imbibe. Still, it would be a shame for any of that precious vino to go bad. Instead of reaching for a cheapo-wine stopper, keep your wine from turning sour by investing in a helpful device that will actually let you drink proper portions in a reasonable amount of time.

This trio of wine accessories will help keep air out, lock flavor in, and prevent spoilage. Read on to see what device will fit best for your kitchen and any budget restrictions. 

Credit: Photo: Amazon

Vacu Vin Wine Saver

This vacuum pump removes air from the bottles, keeping wine fresh for up to a week. Simply put in the stopper (two are included with this set), pump the pump until you hear it “click,” and voila! Your wine will last you until the next nightcap. 

Credit: Photo: Amazon

Savino Wine Saving Carafe

This gorgeous carafe not only keeps your drink fresh, it adds a touch of elegance as well. Made of high quality glass (which is also dishwasher safe), this container can keep your favorite red or white fresh for up to a week. 

Credit: Photo: Amazon.

Coravin Wine System

Some wines are so precious you want to make the bottle last much more than a week. That’s where the advanced Coravin Wine System comes in—it is a must for any dedicated wine enthusiast. It allows users to pour a glass of wine without opening the bottle thanks to a thin needle that penetrates the cork. Since the buoyant cork will spring back once the needle it removed, the wine will remain sealed and completely protected from any oxygen.