Known for their can't-be-beat grocery bargains, Aldi is a shockingly good place to buy booze, too.
Credit: Photo: Scott Olson / Getty

As someone who is by no means a wine or beer connoisseur, I find huge alcohol sections in grocery stores occasionally overwhelming. I know I generally like rosé, but with a shelf full of 20 options, which one do I choose? Do I go cheap, rely on the frivolous descriptions on the back label, or (as I've done several times before) pick the 'coolest' looking bottle?

For those like me who want to explore the boozy landscape, without breaking the bank, Aldi is the perfect solution. With award winning products, always at budget-friendly prices, you can try different drinks without worrying about dropping a lot of dough. Usually located right within the entrance, the alcohol area in each store is a small, but packed, section. American stores don't carry liquor like some European versions do, but wine, beer, ciders, and other boozy beverages are available. 


With several winners from the World Wine Championship, Aldi's wine section is a bit more high brow than one might expect. Sure, the prices usually vary between $2.99 to $12, but that doesn't mean you're settling for subpar wine. Featuring red, white, rosé, and sparkling wines, there are a bounty of options for pairing with meals or serving when company comes over. For limited Aldi Finds, their stock rotates seasonally. During the summer you might find products like boxed sangria, while in the winter their Christkindl Gluhwein, a mulled wine, is featured. 

Beer & Cider

Featuring premium and import beers, Aldi's beer and cider section holds a collection that many will find familiar in flavor. Varieties include amber ales, IPAs, lagers, and more, usually hovering in price between $6.99 to $12. Wicked Grove Hard Cider is comparable to Woodchuck Hard Cider, while Monterrey Cerveza is very similar to Corona. Take the time to explore the section and you're sure to find other brews that bear resemblance to your favorite name-brands. Limited supply Aldi Finds are rotated seasonally. Summertime may bring products like lemon shandy, while in the fall German beer is a common sight due to the store's celebration of Oktoberfest.

Other Boozy Beverages

Definitely the smallest area of the alcohol section, these 'other' beverages are almost always Aldi Finds buys, which means they won't be around for long. O'Donnells Irish Cream (a close cousin of Baileys) is regularly stocked, but otherwise products (such as pre-mixed cocktails) rotate based on the season and what's currently popular. 

Not all Aldi stores carry alcoholic products, and prices vary from state-to-state depending on local laws and restrictions. Use their handy store locator page to see if there's an Aldi selling drinks near you.