How one little group of Cooking Light readers started a nationwide phenomenon.
Credit: Randy Mayor

When Amy Fong decided to create a supper club with other Cooking Light readers from the San Francisco Bay area, she unwittingly was taking a tasty leap aboard a national trend. Inspired by stories in our magazine, and connected as never before via our Web site's bulletin boards, readers from around the country are seeking each other out in growing numbers to spread the buzz. The topic: the new century's most enjoyable social mixer.

"I wanted to find other people who share my passion for healthy cooking," Amy says. "And what better way than to ask others who read this magazine?"

The idea behind a CL supper club is simple: Because all members share a common interest in cooking and meal planning, creating the menu―and the meal itself―is a team effort. That interactivity not only helps ease the load on the host's shoulders, but adds to the sense of community and enjoyment as well.

Since our May 2000 issue bearing Amy's story hit newsstands, our bulletin boards have been overwhelmed with those interested in the CL supper-club from around the country. If you want to start an outpost in your area, visit the Cooking Light online bulletin boards to review current postings. If you don't see one bearing your city's name, create a post yourself: You'll have the best luck getting responses if you use the words "supper club" and your location in the subject area.menus