From its beginnings in 1999 supper clubs have popped up all over the the world.

The Cooking Light Supper Club phenomenon continues to spread—around the globe, and around the clock. The idea is simple: Because all members share a common interest in cooking and meal planning, creating the menu—and the meal itself—is a team effort. Getting together for regular dinner parties is combining what Cooking Light readers like best—good food with great company.

From its beginnings in 1999 with the first CL Supper Club in northern California, clubs have popped up from Paris, France, to Perth, Australia, and all points in between. Clubbers usually connect through the bulletin boards at and prepare recipes from the magazine. We first featured the phenomenon in “Come on Over and Cook” in May 2000, and Cooking Light Supper Clubs appeared in a Food Network TV special that same month.

Today, there are hundreds of clubs. Calling them “supper” clubs may soon be obsolete —Cooking Light brunch and lunch clubs also are springing up. Although most clubs start as a group of strangers, each quickly evolves into a tribe of devoted friends.

To help you launch a club of your own, we’ve gathered tips, stories and guides.